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New for 2024

New for 2024

The JMB board recently met and agreed some changes to be implemented in the new year to improve the JMB service.

  • From the 1st January 2024 horses and ponies will need to be 8 years of age to obtain a full JMB height certificate. The board has been looking at growth rates for a few years now which suggest that some are still growing at 7 years of age. And so, to get the most accurate full height measurement the board agreed to the new age going forward. Therefore, from the 1st January 2024 only animals 8 years of age or over will be issued with full certificates. If your 7 year old has a Full Certificate obtained in 2023, it has a Full certificate and will not need representing for measurement in 2024.
  • The board also looked at the measurement fees. Despite considerable inflation the board considered that it was financially difficult for some at the present time so they agreed just a small increase (well below inflation) in the measurement fees from £98 to £100, and that this £2 increase would be passed straight on to the JMB Official Measurers so they would receive the increase and not the JMB.
  • The board also discussed the fees paid by objectors. Currently the objector does not receive any money back if their objection proves to be ‘correct’, from 2024 this will change. The objection fee from 1st January 2024 will be £1500 and the objector will receive £750 back if the height certificate is challenged successfully.
  • The JMB will continue to do random blood testing at measurements but new for 2024: owners of animals testing positive for prohibited substances will be made to pay for a second blood test, a second measurement application and admin costs if a height certificate is still required.
  • From 2024 all annual measurements shall expire 364 days after issue – this will only really affect the non-showing societies; the showing societies will continue to ask for a height certificate obtained in the current calendar year so these will continue to go from January to December. However, we hope this will help those of you that race your ponies with PRA or jump with BS. Checking the validity of the animal’s certificate will continue to be the owner’s responsibility.

We hope you have had a great 2023 - here’s to a successful 2024.