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Press Release, January 2024

Press Release, January 2024

Now in its 90th year, the Joint Measurement Board (JMB) maintains its role of running the database for the Breed Societies and Competition/ Showing Associations which use the measurement of horses and ponies as their median.

Formed in 1934 to create and supply a fairer system, this has over the years been embellished and backed by science, with various scientific 'papers' written to approve the JMB's method. Believing in 'clean sport', the JMB strives to provide a level playing field for all competitors.

Located across the UK, the JMB has the benefit of around eighty respected Official Measurers, using regularly approved measuring pads at the most suitable, quiet premises and, routinely calibrated measuring sticks.

Full induction, training and tutorials are given to incoming measurers to ensure consistency and, established measurers undertake CPD. All have the benefit of support from JMB Board members (themselves representatives of their Society/Association), some of whom were or are regular service users.

The JMB made one small change for 2024, elevating the age for a ‘Full’ certificate to eight years as it has found that many breeds and types are slow maturing, still growing at seven; this has gained approval by breeders and competitors alike.

Whilst occasional re-measurements are undertaken for quality control, previously many proved necessary because of growth continuing past seven, the previous age of obtaining a Full certificate. This was especially noticeable when measuring resumed post-Covid. The need for re-measurements should therefore be reduced in future.

Readers may have noticed that recently British Showjumping (BS) has gone its own way, planning a different system for registered jumping ponies, to apparently mirror the FEI system whereby ponies are gathered en masse at regional centres and have to queue for measurement by two measurers.

The JMB believes in its system, researching and constantly endeavouring to improve. It’s website and database are user friendly, right from the owner’s initial application on-line to the height displayed in the public domain.

The Board listens to its members, and friendly, knowledgeable support and administrative help can be sourced by contacting Catryn Bigley direct on 01981 510201 or [email protected]

Societies and Associations which make up the JMB are: The British Connemara Pony Society, The British Show Horse Association, The British Skewbald and Piebald Association, The British Show Pony Society, The Coloured Horse and Pony Society, The National Pony Society, UK Ponies & Horses Ltd, The Pony Racing Authority, The Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain and The Welsh Pony and Cob Society.


CMN 10/01/2024